Best Golf Rangefinder for the money

23 Jun

Tour V4 is your ultimate, tournament-worthy laser device that can range out

Bushnell takes top spot in this category with their new and improved version of the Tour series rangefinders. The Tour V4 is your ultimate, tournament-worthy laser device that can range out to a mouth-gaping 1000 yards!

Don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t be accurate that far out. With PinSeeker Technology under its belt, you’ll be accurate to within -/+ 1 yard! You won’t have to wonder if your unit is on target either since this affordable golf scope is clad with Jolt Technology to literally vibrate when it’s locked onto its target!However, if you’re ranging out to the hole, the unit will lock in to 400 yards, plus some! It has 5X magnification with fast focus lens to allow you to see the green clearer than ever and with more stability than before.

Speaking of stability, the unit sports an ergonomic design with Stabi-Grip Technology and multi-coated lens to ensure your shaking hands won’t interfere with your view.

If you can’t help but feel the void of no slope compensation, the V4 still has you covered. The best-selling model has the angle compensating mode to get you distances despite the inclines or drops that can affect your stroke.

whether it’s going to pulse or not, or if you’re off by 1/10 of a yard

Just give in to simplicity and get back to the game at hand. The COOLSHOT 20 provides Best rangefinder measurements in 1-yard increments, can range up to 500 yards and 250 to the flag, and it’s budget-friendly. It won’t break the bank to land this entry-level gadget, but it might help you break 80.

It has a proven track record, just ask any of the hundreds of users on the green for proof. And, with its long eye relief, you can bet you can keep your specs on too. Don’t be afraid to go the cheaper route, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do!

To find out how you can make the Golfbuddy your best buddy

It’s new, it’s feature-packed, and it’s cheaper than ever! The GolfBuddy LR7 has four whopping targeting modes to offer the avid golfer: Standard, Scan, Pin, and Pin Finder. You’ll never be without an accurate distance ever again, even on tournament day.

With thousands of actuations available at your fingertips, you’ll confidently play round after round without having to rush through the course or worry about it dying on you. The LR7 has your back – and the front and center, too.

It’s small, compact, and lightweight. You can adjust the diopter, go between yards and meters, and it’s water resistant for those accidental splashes.

It comes with a boat-load of accessories, and a 1-year warranty that Golfbuddy will make good on if you ever have the need. To find out how you can make the Golfbuddy your best buddy for the next round, check it out here!

The Coolshot Pro Stabilized will forever change the way you see the much-loved sport

Instantaneous distances, slope measurements, and stabilized images are just a few features to expect. What about tournament play? ID technology can be turned off. How will everyone else know you’re not cheating? The rangefinder has an external green LED light thanks to the Actual Distance Indicator that flashes for everyone to see. Green light means good to go – distance only up in here!

For a device that has it all, it’s going to cost double what everyone else is sporting on the green. Is it worth it? We think it’s the best laser rangefinder Nikon has put out in the market to date – it’s that good. Don’t settle for mediocre, settle for the best to be the best

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